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and i think it's cool so i'm going to make a journal about it too haha

it's just a wee short thing about an old folk tale called the big grey man of ben macdui!! hope you like :^))

features!! i love features:

Queen of Diamonds by NazNematiExperiments by parkurtommoInga and Tagar by Ne-syFortuneteller by quargonTwo by JoshuaNelScarlett Hywel by GerryArthur
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  • Reading: Watchmen
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hey guys! just letting yous know i'm doing a giveaway on ye olde tumblr blog if anyone wants to join in!!! ----> x cause i got to 1k followers!! yey

hope every1 is well, i am still determined not to let my page die yet, you'll have 2 tear it out of my cold dead hands tbh i am far too stubborn

some features too!! cause we don't want other people's pages dying either

Oh shiii by Hel-gilost. by sollenafotografieJenny Lee Lindberg (Warpaint) by @stolencomputer by stolencomputerThe Pale Lady by AlantotheLuncle Utagawa Kuniyoshi style by Zionka
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  • Reading: V for Vendetta
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hey guys how's it going I haven't made a journal in a while!! deary me.

but I've finally updated my commission info! so please have a look if you are interested :)) ----->>>> Commissions Open!

not much has happened but I have made an art-only blog over on tumblr for those that don't know, so if anyone wants to follow me over there without my superb taste in paintings and fashion everywhere well here is your answer!! --->>>>>

features!! look at these sexy pieces of work: 

Muddy Swamp by 666solitarymanBABE by tcktckAwakened by edgarinvoker140218 Nareki Col2postfix by nimnimnimnimnimnimLil sketch by BilquisEvelyalley by shanyarGandalf by GiacobinoDespoiled by SamC-Art

(i seem to have a thing for desaturated colour rn)

  • Listening to: Transgender - Crystal Castles
  • Reading: Frankenstein
  • Drinking: I'm really thirsty and lazy :((((
hey guys good news I am officially going 2 be a student at glasgow school of art in september! I'm super buzzing, the feeling of hard work being worth it is nice!! :>>

I'm also off for two weeks for easter and then I only have three days left of school, forever... amazing. this will be my first easter holidays in like, two years where I haven't been working my ass off non stop. so happy and relieved!! 

oh yeh and last week I visited my brother down in leeds! and it was so good guys. like amazing!!

oh and I've started playing guild wars 2 again!! what a sexy game. so fun. so stylish.
life seems to be quite good rn I think. yeh. 

hope everyone else is feeling cool! as always I haven't made a journal in ten years but heyy. 

here are some features cause I still think it's the best idea I've ever had:

Witch of the Wilds by relssaHKing of Thieves by meddersKimono by tinayanHyoung-nam-arnuminel-hn-ill-01p by HyongTekCommission: Evelyn by madnessdemonfight or flight or ????? by thorxpoptartsBetween Two Worlds by JMFenner91let the river take them by Ceecore

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  • Reading: Revolution - Russell Brand
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I could literally cry thank god. 

but hi everyone long time no see. I've been hella busy with school and stuff but I managed to make quite a lot of progress in november soo I don't actually have to do as much as I thought this month. go me. 
my portfolio deadline for glasgow school of art is the 22nd january and for edinburgh uni it's the 27th so after then I shall be nice and relaxed and happy. hopefully! oh and then I'll be able to actually post all of the stuff I've done as a whole, weeew I like doing that. and then I'll do some digital stuff for sure!! cause I have commissions to do haha. 

hmm what else. not being able to play dragon age inquisition is as painful as ever. but apart from that life is okay really. I just have to hope for the best about getting into art school (and then cry for ten years if I don't) and chill really! 

oh and I'll post some photography stuff too since I've got my flickr up and running c:
I'll need to figure out the best way to do that haha. 

but I hope everyone is doing well! season's greetings to you all <3333

some stuff I've been liking:
Mind Mess by cartsRamsay Snow by Thorsten-DenkYuliya by mosessaOptic Fun by SethardSomething Something, Luther Burbank by tdylanPale Spirit by AlantotheLMARINAI by GigiCaveThe Wildcard by Ajmone

  • Listening to: Ribs (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) - Lorde
  • Reading: dracula
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hey everyone thought I should just make a little journal to keep up to date! not much has really been happening, I've been quite busy with schoolwork (I have so much to do just for christmas I'm so scared haha) at the moment, hence my lack of activity! although closer to christmas I'll have all the work I've been doing up until then photographed (since it's stupid big) so that's something to look forward to I guess??

I started inktober too! you can see the updates on a daily basis either on my instagram or facebook, or all of them at once at the end of the month? are other people doing it too? you really should! it's my first time and I already feel way more productive haha. 

I'm also really enjoying photography in school more than I expected so I might be posting some stuff?? although don't get your hopes up I really have no idea of the quality of what I'm doing - or really just what I'm doing in general haha. it's lots of fun though and gives me something else to do other than art all the time!

but anyway I hope everyone has a nice october and doesn't get too stressed about anything! I'm hoping I won't - I'm off for a week next week but, so hopefully I'll get some digital stuff done too? (oh I've just remembered this time last year I was going to rome, I'm so sad :cc)

(I still have like 2000 deviations and 500 journals/polls/etc. to clean through haha go me)

Inktober 4 - Catwoman by NickRoblesArteyepatch_girl_1 by mobulMermaids by DaaakotaAdvisor Scribbles by yluminaryIn The Woods by JoshuaNelAppaloosa by spicyrollStars by ameliadolezal
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  • Reading: the girl with the dragon tattoo (again)
  • Watching: the trews
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aww thanks for all of the birthday wishes guys! you're all so sweet I wasn't expecting it at all <333

and some featurees :>

The Princess Who Always Smiled by VestergaardHatten by MotiseBegaka by Ne-syFishing by abigbat
  • Listening to: Vampire Smile Kyla La Grange
  • Reading: Dracula
  • Watching: True Detective
hey everyone!! since it's since a few people are opening commissions so I'd thought I'd help them along instead of just pushing myself all the time haha (and it's a good way to procrastinate too!)
I won't embarrass myself and write a bunch of paragraphs about these people but have faith in me that they're nice people and even nicer artists that definitely deserve a look c:

oh and anyone can nominate any other people that are looking for a little boost too! (just as long as their prices are fair.) I might be adding more people as I remember them haha I'm bad at people
qunari by adelrunapool by adelrunaBeylerbegum Ilkay of Orhanli Beylerbeylik by adelruna

commission info:



Sebastian Stan is love Sebastian Stan is life by TavviDiaval by TavviCecil by Tavvi

commission info:
Commissions info (old ver, linked some updates) by Tavvi

I also started korra again after I abandoned it half way through season 2 last year, and I actually managed to stop watching it the episode just before it got good again! and season 3 is even better. I'm really happy I started it again, I really missed it!! and I don't think it's getting cancelled anymore which is good. but yeah, those who had lost faith in it I would definitely recommend giving it another shot :>

my commission info
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hey everyone I'll be away on holiday for the next seven days to visit my brother down in leamington spa, hope you don't miss me too much. I might get some sketching done, I might now, who knows?? 


Dresses by AilovcMight seem crazy by fdasuarezRnR by madspartan013Bethany Hawke by GronnUlvMouse by theirisonMulan by adlovettChinese Magician 2 by U-RA-CIL

commission are open!
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so yeah I've opened my commissions finally! I'm needing money to fund the upgrading of the family computer so please, check it out! (:…
oh I've also got a tumblr post too, so any reblogs would help a bunch!…

I made the decision to raise my prices after asking on a bunch of different websites and I'm quite happy with the way they are now c:

thanks guys! and I hope all is well <33

some cool art too! 

Kimono Girl by CasCanetemoonblade by veusovonGame of Thrones-Jon Snow by KoweRallenthe Gown by SoufMengFalconer by 6Nereida6Dorian Pavus by nimoda
  • Listening to: The One That Got Away - The Civil Wars
  • Reading: Dragon Age: The Masked Empire
  • Eating: just had lasagne :>
hey everyone I'll probably be opening commissions sometime this week and I was wondering what everyone thought of my current prices? I know deviantart is probably a bad place to look for this kind of advice but w/e… thanks! hope everyone is well :>

some stuff I've been liking! 

Ignore the Smokey Smell by TheMichaelMacRaewithout an end by veusovonKIll the addict to kill the addiction by vicious-mongrelb by eLfanka
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helooo everyone! I made a pinterest to waste even more time!! it's really so I can collect all of my pretty pictures and stuff in one place so I don't have to keep bookmarking everything haha (the point of pinterest it seems)

I haven't really pinned too much but come and join the fun if you're on there c: [x]

haven't been feeling too great the past few days but I seem to be picking up, hope everyone is okay! 

here's some art too cause I like to keep my page pretty, go check them out! <33

Once Upon A Dream by AHusseinThe Elder Sister by SelenadaTemptation by JoshuaNelVibrant by Shagan-furyIllustration for Novum Trilogy by QrumzsjemDeep snow by MathiasZameckiblack eyed susan by megrar
  • Listening to: A Boy And A Girl Eric Whitacre & Eric Whitacre Sin
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  • Watching: Ripper Street
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hello my lovely cherubs so I kinda went, if u pardon the phrase, yolo and started a permanoobs sketchbook!! (//edit// I didn't link it omg who am I…)
behold all my scary sketches and studies oh god

but if anyone has an account please tell me! I have no idea what I'm doing! I like people!
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  • Watching: The Hour
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hey everyone! my last exam is tomorrow, which means I'll be able to devote all (most) of my time to my art! so study study study fanart study! or something like that. 

but I'm thinking of joining a conceptart type forum thingy like permanoobs, so I'm wondering people's opinions of those types of websites! are they really helpful in terms of support and critique or are they just full of kids who rip apart your art with no intentions of helping you?? blah I am conflicted

hope everyone is doing lovely! <33

ohh and commissions soONN :>
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  • The first 20 people that comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery! 
  • If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place. 
  • The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone
1. :iconcowmi:

2. :iconMsLawlipop:

F R A N C E by MsLawlipop
Kaiser Ludwig Beilschmidt by MsLawlipopLittle Hidan by MsLawlipop

3. :iconProfessor-R:

High Rhulain by Professor-RRapunzel by Professor-RMermaid by Professor-R

4. :icon

Taughannock Falls in winter by EthanRedOtterThe Eon of Discontent by EthanRedOtter Tribes of Anowara: Prologue
It was a misty autumn afternoon, nearly evening. The sea sat calm, and the wind blew silently, unfeelable. The dew clung to the needles of the trees, Cypress, Cedar, Pine. Kenéil sat upon a rock, on a white beach, looking out to sea, looking for signs of his quarry: Harbor seals. He too, felt the droplets embrace on his fur, but he did not mind, his kind loved the water. His kind were the Kayéil Kushtaka, or Peaceful Land Otter People, in their tongue.
The Kayéil Kushtaka were a relatively new race in Anowara, only existing for the last millennia. Physically, they were similar to River Otters, only they had opposable thumbs, a two legged stance, slightly shorter more human looking torsos, and limbs that were about twice as long as their four legged brethren, as well as Human height. They were slender, but quite muscular, with small shoulders and necks the width of their relatively small heads, to add to their swiftness underwater. Their people did not have boats for this


y'all better follow the rules
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hey everyone first three exams are overr! and I have two weeks until my next one so life is good :>

I've taken a day off from studying for the first time in ten years and it's just really nice aha. I haven't been as productive as I could be painting wise but I've just been enjoying the peace yenno.
ooh my brother is visiting this weekend too I'm so buzzing :>

oh yeh! I've just remembered, I highly super recommend peaky blinders as a show to get round to watching! it's about gangsters in birmingham in 1919 and holy hell it's so good! and cillian murphy! the first series was shown last october and the next one is back on this year - with tom hardy! omg I won't be able to cope.

but I hope everyone else is dealing okay with life! love you all <33

I think I'm going to make features a habit too! 
check these peeps out :>

Sketches by PaulMellenderTrue Detective by PauZakScientist by NerinFoxKAGUUL! by FrrruuussstraationSummer by telthonatree by lingy-0Beylerbegum Ilkay of Orhanli Beylerbeylik by adelrunaFaith - Hope - Love by NataliaRak220414: TDhbo by Creature13Poses 3 by Daaakota

  • Listening to: Walk - Ludovico Einaudi
  • Reading: Dragon Age: Asunder
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woahh sorry guys I haven't actually made a journal since october! I just feel like it hasn't really been needed, or maybe I just like other people's pretty art on my page aha c:

so anyway recently I have been super busy with school since I have my exams coming up (1st may ;_; ) and I've also got a whole load of artwork to do for my school portfolio thing which means I haven't been doing any digital stuff in weeeks. I haven't been sketching in march at all because of it, but this is more important and I just gotta power through!

my exams are pretty spread out after I get the first three out of the way, which means hell of a lot of time to paint! last may was amaazing! my last exam is near the end of the month so I'll be opening commissions again straight away! tbh I just really can't wait for them to be over, I kinda forget what life is like without the pressure of exams is sometimes! ;_;

I hope everyone is well! as always I'm more active on my tumblr, instagram (though its kinda becoming overtaken by my school art aha) and facebook (to an extent??)
(and maybe twitter if u like to hear me rambling about silly things??)
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Man I am seeing way too many artists submitting work with near to no comments at all. it's terrible! awful! 

so I decided to feature a few because every little helps right??

I'm actually procrastinating shh

Violent Skies by Ryan-Alexander-LeeCetra by Ryan-Alexander-Lee

The Hunt by WojtekFusSketches by WojtekFus

Sister, Mother by BilquisEvelyBrunnhilde by BilquisEvely

White Tiger by TheRafaHera by TheRafa

November Nights by AlaquaFryThe Mind Tree by AlaquaFry

Sunset Guardian by RosolinoSelf Portrait by Rosolino

  • Listening to: The Sun Smells Too Loud Mogwai
  • Reading: the catcher in the rye


Fri Oct 4, 2013, 8:53 AM
Profile | Gallery | Commission Info

oh no my last day of premium membershipness but I guess I'm not really active on here again right now cause of school but still, no more sexy page :c

and on sunday I'll be leaving for rome for four days with my school aw yehh. I'll try and post some pictures when I get back! and then the week after that I'll be off for october week so hopefully I'll get something done? who knows. I have to finish a self portrait thing for the end of that week (heere) so I'll post that up too! and I took some progress pictures near the end too :>

anybody watching elementary again?? or legend of korra? oh god and the walking dead sooon! maybe I should start watching sleepy hollow too I'm seeing it everywhere.

hope everyone is well, just a little update for you guys! as always I'm more active on my tumblr and instagram, links on my page somewhere c:

but two weeks off yassss

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Wed Aug 28, 2013, 11:53 AM
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is super bad

but hey I'll cope.

so as I've said I'll be closing commissions but of course I'll still be drawing in between school and homework and studying and all that nasty stuff. and if I can't I still have five periods a week of art classes aha

i'm designing a dress for daenerys in class! but I've chosen to go more roman themed to keep my art teacher interested aha. let's hope it turns out cool and not lame 
i really don't know why i do so many dany things, she's not even my favourite ahah 

oh and I got a super sexy moleskine sketchbook for my birthday, haven't had much time to use it but oh man. so sexy

and yeh! thank you guys for all the birthday wishes! makes me smile aha c:

hope everyone is doing cool <3

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